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What are Dad Hats & Why it is called Dad Hat?

Updated: Jan 10

Do you ever think what exactly Dad Hat is? Are you planning to buy a Dad hat? Do you want to know more about it?

Dad hat is a cap that is a never-ending trend and fits everyone. Dad hats are also known as vintage caps. The closure of dad hat is metal closure but in the baseball cap, it has a velcro closure. Basically, it is the baseball type of hat. It is totally different from snapback hat as it has 5-panel with loose-fitting. Mainly the dad hat is made of cotton & canvas and has a little curved brim.

Its very simple to recognize the dad hats as it has 5-6 panels, unstructured crown, cotton fabrication, curved brim with iconic embroidered logo at front. The brim of the dad hat is more flexible as compared to the snap-back hat.

The Dad hats are vintage caps as it is clear like the word says dad used to wear it. Dad hats used to be kind of caps on middle age person. This hat is called dad hat because it seemed too large for the youngsters who are wearing them nowadays instead of adults. This cap is for adults who have a large head. It is an oversized hat. This dad hat is an old fashion hat, used to wear by the old generation, that’s why it is known as Dad Hat.

Here are the best Unisex Dad Hat for boys and girls.

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How did the dad hats become a trend?

The dad hats first come in trend in the ’90s. People saw them on celebrities and grab the accessory for themselves. It is clear from the word Dad, dads wore it first. This is the vintage cap and worn by sports persons and celebrities in the ’90 and mainly middle-aged men who still wearing these hats. It is also known for the floppy cap.

Are these dad hats still trending? or Are dad hats in style?

The dad hats are still trending and in good demand among youths. We have to admit that dad hats are the certified trend, the actuality is we all have bad hair day or terrible hair cut. So it is must to have a good pair of dad hat in your wardrobe. The dad hat is one of the latest trending caps that people wearing and rocking. The 5-6 soft panel allows the hat to feel light and comfortable.

Here are the reasons for Dat hat trends: -

  • Dad hat works with any outfit and can suit anyone including dad.

  • Dad hats can help you to look good even if you have a bad hair day. As it covers your head properly and gives an extra kick in your style.

  • You can personalize your dad's hat with unique things attached to it.

  • This dad hat gives you extra comforts with a stylish look.

What is the difference between a Dad hat and a Snapback hat?

In this article, we had already briefly discussed the dad hat and its trend. It’s time to get some awareness about the snapback hat. Basically, both dad hat and snapback are similar in look and usage. There are some minor differences that differentiate both. Here are those basic differences through which we can identify whether it is a dad hat or a snapback hat.

Snapback Hat: Most of the people don’t know the difference between a snapback hat and dad hat. But first, you need to know what is Snapback Hat?

Any hat that has an adjustable strap on the backside where you can adjust the fitting by the closure. Actually, the closure of the snapback hat is plastic, in that you will see some small holes to adjust the size according to your head size. Sticker is the most important thing on a snapback hat that is featured at the front. The snapback hat is an icon designed for youngsters with style. Generally, this is a hat worn by rappers or hip hop players.

Let’s know how snapback gets its name?

It is clear by reading the name SNAPBACK HAT. There is an adjustable strap or snap on the backside of this hat, that makes it one size fits all. Let’s have a look at the difference between a snapback hat and a dad hat.

There are the following differences but the main three main differences in dad hat and snapback hat

  1. Brim

  2. Angle Panel

  3. Design

  4. Sticker

  5. Closure

  • Brim: The brim of dad hat is little curved and make an obtuse angle. It doesn’t look a big hat like a snapback hat. While the brim of snapback hat is flat and wide.

  • Angle Panel: The front panel and angle of dad hat is a soft panel with an obtuse angle. While the snapback hat has a hard panel and almost 90*

  • Design or Structure: Dad hat has 5-6 panel with loose-fitting while the snapback hat is 6-7 panel with flat brim.

  • Closure: The closure of dad hat is metal closure for the better fitting while snapback hat has plastic closure.

  • Sticker: The sticker is a must on a snapback hat, actually it is the essence of this hat. We can easily recognize the snapback hat by sticker. But on dad hat, it’s not compulsory. But some of the dad hats have a sticker.

The hat is the accessory that gives an extra kick in your style and looks. As the covered head shows greatness and superiority.

Check out our Best Dad Hats For Men, women, and kids. I hope you will like any hat that suits you and your personality.

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